Meat Tenderizer Mod: E-TR 400

meat tenderizer1Machine for tenderizing meat.
Can process various categories of meat (shoulder (chuck) - shank - belly)
The machine uses a conveyor belt and multi-blade system through which meat is fed in order to break down the tissue.
Tenderizing makes meat softer and allows for better absorption of seasonings and marinades.
Stainless steel construction
Speed control with inverter
Voltage: 230 volt - 1 ph
Motor: 1 hp (750 Watt)
Power operated
Length 1200
Width 600
Height 1150mm
Belt length 400mm 

meat tenderizer2

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EVYL SA was founded in 1978 in Agios Ioannis Renti by Mr Georgios Meintanis and Mr Panagiotis Katsaros and was the first company worldwide to construct an automatic kebab-producing machine.