Stainless Steel Architectural Structures

Stainless Steel Architectural Structures

Evyl-Grinox S.A. is the nation to introduce PVD coating technologies for commercial and consumer products since 1995.
1.What's PVD coating
PVD coating means Physical Vapor Deposition of Titanium or Zirconium, can also be called Titanium/Zirconium-plating.
It provides a colored film could last long time without fading under normal interior or exterior environment.
2.How it works:
Metal or alloy is vaporized from a solid (Cathode) by means of electric arc to form a plasma vapor, the resulting highly charged metal loons from the plasma are then mixed with inerted to the negatively charged stainless steel sheets, producing a colored metallic film on the sheets.
Color does not fade or oxidize as do the red metals such as copper and brass. By altering the temperature, mix of gasses and elements that form the plasma, Evyl-Grinox S.A. has developed a broad range of coatings colors.


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Kebab Machine


EVYL SA was founded in 1978 in Agios Ioannis Renti by Mr Georgios Meintanis and Mr Panagiotis Katsaros and was the first company worldwide to construct an automatic kebab-producing machine.